The goal of PGK sports science is simple: provide goalkeeper-specific fitness training, consulting, education and innovative research-based methodologies for the individual goalkeeper and goalkeeping coach.

PGK’s Director of Sports Science is Dr. John Cone. John is also the Director of Sports Science at MLS side Portland Timbers, a former professional goalkeeper and MLS goalkeeper coach with a doctorate in kinesiology. Dr. Cone is an expert instructor with a unique understanding of the specific fitness demands placed on goalkeepers. Using a methodical, systematic approach to goalkeeper-specific training, with movement-based development and a comprehensive focus on fitness and increased athleticism, Dr. Cone and PGK can help you take your fitness to a new level.


PGK coordination training increases movement efficiency to optimize GK technique.


PGK agility training increases control of the body’s center of mass during vertical, horizontal and transverse displacement to optimize GK-specific athleticism.


PGK strength training increases strength via a movement-based approach that optimizes control during the complex movements that define GK-specific strength.


PGK speed training increases the physical (reaction) and cognitive (tactical) components that underlie the development of anticipation speed, starting speed, and acceleration speed that define GK-specific speed.


PGK flexibility training increases both dynamic and static flexibility by balancing the training of both characteristics with training load to enhance training preparation, recovery, and optimize joint range of motion.


PGK power training increases both concentric power and plyometric power to ensure development of both neural and neuromuscular power.


PGK balance training increases unilateral strength and thus limits limb asymmetries, and optimizes the control that ensures high performance and injury prevention.

Core Stability

PGK core stability training increases stabilization of the lumbo-pelvic-hip region to optimize the transition from postural to functional, to GK-specific motions.


PGK endurance training is interval to an extreme. Short, sharp, recover so that your coordination, agility, strength, speed, power, and stability are the same in the 90th  minute as they are in the 1st minute.

PGK sports science currently offers the following services delivered to the goalkeeper or goalkeeping coach through our PGK Members area:

  • Goalkeeper-specific dynamic warming up.
  • Goalkeeper-specific strength training packages.
  • Goalkeeper-specific power training packages.
  • Goalkeeper-specific agility training packages.
  • Goalkeeper-specific speed training packages.
  • Goalkeeper-specific coordination training packages.
  • Goalkeeper-specific flexibility training packages.

PGK sports science offers comprehensive courses in goalkeeping specific fitness training and athleticism incorporating both lecture and field-based training components for the goalkeeper coach, the goalkeeper, sports scientist and fitness specialist.

To bring Dr. Cone to your club or area please contact us at the following:


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